Letters Ill Never Send

Letters Ill Never Send. Now i don’t know why i like writing letters that i’ll never send, maybe it’s because it reminds me a bit of time travel. On the lid the words, letters i'll never send was written in ink.

About Letters I’ll Never Send Nicole Zelniker
About Letters I’ll Never Send Nicole Zelniker from nicolezelniker.com

When we first met i told you i was growing my hair / with bells running down my dress / oh, was i starry eyed. This is the part when a little of my excitement died. Thoughts and feelings i want to say but refuse to (for whatever reason).

When She Did Find One, She Also Found A Small Wooden Box, Clumsily Concealed At The Back Of The Shelf.

It should lure the reader in emotionally, so that they can resonate in some meaningful way. From that first night, i knew that i was going to fall for you. But i dont know if i've ruined it all.

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Letters I'll Never Send Is Meant To Serve As A Sentimental Linkage Between The Writer And The Reader.

It feels as though either i’m a mad man in a sane world or else i am a sane man in a mad world. God knows it hurt at the time, but now it only stings a bit when i start to regret things my mind. April 29, 2015 ~ poetplayer.

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Darling, i never thought i’d address another letter like that. I find myself looking back through things you wrote, messages you sent, trying to gain back just a small piece of the hope you gave me. This project does not qualify for a listing with duotrope.

I Love Him Dearly, Too, And Your Dog (My Dog Now) Provides Me With So Much Comfort And Helps Me To Dull The Pain.

This is merely an acknowledgement to let the good times stay good and to let the next times come and go as they do. No hard feelings on either side. Publication of this project is not guaranteed.

None Which Will Ever Reach Their Destination.

Hell, one day, i’ll bet we can sit together over some coffee and [make happy sounds] about this! Well, i'm not okay / i wanna tell you how i miss you day after day / how i pray that you come back, back in my. I chose to fix myself, to sew some patches.